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Cuddly Comfies ® Long Water Bottle plush collection offer an extra long, comfy, fun and friendly alternative to traditional rubber hot water bottles.

Animal shaped characters filled with hot water, they provide soothing warmth and comfort to any and all members of the family.

A bedtime buddy, daytime warming friend, or travel companion. Great for stress and anxiety relief and can also soothe the tummy and reduce colic.

The longer and more flexible shape means more of the body can be kept warm at the same time, and aches and pains can be reached more easily.

Made from PVC rather than rubber, it is flexible and odor free
Soft toy fabric that is of the highest quality feels smooth and comforting to the touch
Easy to fill, and holds between 2 - 2.5L of water.
Meets all Global Safety standards

This adorable “long” take on a hot water bottle provides a fun and soothing cuddle for all ages. Just add water!

The soft cloth animal character coverings create  a warm and cozy snuggle buddy.

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